Adaptive Clothing for Arthritis

This article is going to be explaining to you what arthritis is and the cause of it. We have then found a useful link on adaptive clothing for arthritis that we think is really interesting so keep reading to find out more!

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is caused by an inflamation of the joint and can cause you to hav restricted joint movement and can cause pain. It is usually seen in adults over 65 however can be seen in people as young as children and it is also more common overweight people and women.

What is the cause of arthritis? Arthritis is caused when there is a reduction of cartilage around your joints which can be caused by many things. The most common type of arthritis is OA which is an infection of your joints that causes the breakdown of your cartilage tissue. RA occurs when your body’s immune system attacks the tissues in your body and it is anoher form of arthritis. Click this link to read more about this type of arthritis!

We have found a great article about adaptive clothing for people with arthritis.

It gives you some good tips on what you can do to help manage your arthritis through your clothing and also provides links to some clothing items that can help with your arthritis. There is also a video helping to explain the clothing in more detail. Click on this link to read more