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Adaptive Clothing for Arthritis

This article is going to be explaining to you what arthritis is and the cause of it. We have then found a useful link on adaptive clothing for arthritis that we think is really interesting so keep reading to find out more! What is arthritis? Arthritis is caused by an inflamation of the joint and […]

How does music help with Dementia?

Music is a great way for helping with dementia because it is linked with emotion and this can be a very powerful tool when you use it right. Everyone loves music and we respond to it from all ages from a baby to an adult. Music gets reactions out of babies before they are able […]

How Saffron Support are dealing with the Outbreak

With the current lock down affecting so many businesses, heads are turning to the healthcare industries; how are we coping, and what can be done to help us as key workers dealing with vulnerable clients on a day-to-day basis? Our Priority Our priority at Saffron Support (elderly care agency) is to follow the government guidelines […]

Looking for a Career

Saffron Support Is currently looking for a carer that is available to help a lady in Ickleton supporting evenings and weekends. Please get in touch if you would like more information.